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The corpus has been built from HTML files available in EUR-Lex database. Thanks to the coverage of a vast area of subjects, the corpus is an excellent general purpose resource for anyone looking for translation examples in many languages. EUR-Lex; Home > Search form last update 12/04/2021 Case status: All cases: Cases closed: Cases pending: Court: All: Court of Justice: General Court: Civil Service Tribunal: Case number (ex: C-17/05; 17/05) Name of the parties: Documents: All Provisions of national law referred to: Provisions of EUROPA - European Commission - Growth - Regulatory policy - NANDO. Nando (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) Information System. Notification is an act whereby a Member State informs the Commission and the other Member States that a body, which fulfils the relevant requirements, has been designated to carry out conformity European Union - Official website of the European Union.


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Directive 98/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October 1998 on the legal protection of designs Official Journal L 289 , 28/10/1998 P. 0028 - 0035 Genomförande av EU:s nya upphovsrättsdirektiv. Publicerad 31 maj 2019. Nu påbörjas det svenska genomförandet av EU:s nya upphovsrättsdirektiv – ett stort antal aktörer bjuds in att delta i arbetet. Den 17 april 2019 antog EU det nya upphovsrättsdirektivet … EUR-Lex files: Cross validation splits of TF-IDF representation of the documents with the first 5000 most frequent features selected, as used in the experiments. Usable for a direct comparison. XML header included. [eurlex-directory-codes.rar] [eurlex-subject-matters.rar] [eurlex-eurovoc-descriptors.rar] eurlex.js.

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devices. Meeting Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) requirements. The European Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) is one of the key regulations adopted in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Clearstream's Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) welcome the objectives of CSDR, namely to increase the safety and Roadmap to address substances of very high concern complete 04/02/2021.


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At its 86th plenary session (March 2011), the Venice Commission adopted the Report on the Rule of Law (CDL-AD(2011)003rev). This report identified common features of the Rule of Europe will not achieve its 2030 goals without urgent action during the next 10 years to address the alarming rate of biodiversity loss, increasing impacts of climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources.


Kontakt Telefon startsida 2021-03-30 Högsta lagföringen hittills i arbetet mot organiserad brottslighet Finansinspektionen inför nya regler om styrning, riskhantering och kontroll för kreditinstitut. Föreskrifterna omfattar bland annat krav på oberoende kontrollfunktioner, interna regler, rutiner och processer som företagen ska ha för att säkra en god styrning, riskhantering och kontroll.
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Za p_padn nep_jemnosti se omlouvme. EUR-Lex er ikke tilgængelig lige nu. Vi beklager.

EU-Singapore trade and investment agreements Free Trade Agreement. Disclaimer: Trade and investment negotiations between the EU and Singapore have been finalised and the legal revision of the texts has been completed.The text of the EU-Singapore trade agreement presented in this webpage is made public solely for information purposes. REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH regulation aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.
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Föreskrifterna omfattar bland annat krav på oberoende kontrollfunktioner, interna regler, rutiner och processer som företagen ska ha för att säkra en god styrning, riskhantering och kontroll. De nya reglerna börjar gälla den 1 april 2014.

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Eur-Lex contains all EU law (sectors 3 and 4), which can be retrieved by browsing or using the search options. The main types of acts under this heading are EU treaties (sector 1), directives , regulations , decisions as well as consolidated legislation (sector 0), etc. Consolidation is the integration of a basic legal act and all of its successive amendments and corrigenda into one easy-to De senaste tweetarna från @EURLex EUR-Lex ist ein Rechtsinformationssystem (also eine Datenbank für rechtliche Inhalte), das einen unmittelbaren und kostenlosen Zugang zu den Rechtsvorschriften der Europäischen Union und anderen als öffentlich eingestuften Dokumenten bietet. EUR-Lex e временно недостъпен. Извиняваме се за причиненото неудобство. EUR-Lex no está disponible en este momento. Sentimos las molestias.

Lex is a premium daily commentary service from the Financial Times. It is the oldest and arguably the most influential business and finance column of its kind in the world. viene informando a los visitantes acerca de temas como Unión Europea, Unione Europea y Curriculum vitae. Únase a miles de visitantes satisfechos que descubrieron Business Jobs, Curriculum Vitae y Patente Europea.¡Este dominio podría estar en venta! Singapore | Brussels, 18 April 2018, updated in November 2019. EU-Singapore trade and investment agreements Free Trade Agreement.